DevCon Summit Featuring Devops


Developers Connect Philippines (DevCon) Partners with Devopsdays to Deliver Cutting Edge Forum on IT Innovation and Cloud Computing

“Knowledge is always an asset to your business. It’s pretty clear that businesses who know a lot about themselves tend to do well and those who lack that knowledge tend not to be very durable.”
– Lee Thompson, in his interview at

DevCon Summit showcases “DEVOPS,” a fast-growing trend that brings together System Administrators, Developers, IT Managers, even CIOs into a common model of execution intended to save money, increase collaboration and accelerate innovation for information technology projects.

The event features an internationally proven format that maximizes idea sharing, learning and mentoring among software engineers. We are expecting at least 250 developer participants in this whole day event of talks and workshops.

“The most important assets of the IT industry are its professionals,” says Jerry Rapes, DevCon President. “Our events are designed to increase the quantity and quality of our ‘geeks.’ Since DevCon’s inception in June 2009, it has already engaged over 5,000 Software Engineers around the country.”

This pioneering event is a first in Southeast Asia and we are proud to have the Philippines as the initiating host. One of our keynote speakers is Lee Thompson, Consulting Architect at DTO Solutions, a Dev to Ops company providing automated infrastructure and process improvement consulting for large-scale, mission-critical IT operations based in Austin, Texas.

In addition to Devopsdays, there’s also the latest discussion on Cloud Computing that is most relevant to enterprise environments. For more information, reserve a seat, go to


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