ASUS Philippines searches for the ULTIMATE Power Use



ASUS is proud to announce the revamped ASUS Power Users Club. As a way to start recruiting selected and deserving power users, ASUS will held the “Race to Computex” competition, where one power user will win an all-expense paid trip to Taiwan for the upcoming COMPUTEX 2012 and see the latest innovations from ASUS.

The Search

In search of ASUS for the Ultimate Power User, ASUS is looking for the one person who is not only knowledgeable in PC Components, but also knowledgeable in gaming and overclocking. The Ultimate Power User will be the deserving one to represent the local Power User community in Asia’s largest ICT event, COMPUTEX 2012.

The Challenges

ASUS will select 20 Power Users to battle out their worthiness in being the ULTIMATE Power User. For the whole month of April, ASUS will give out online weekly challenges and ASUS will test out the knowledge, character and determination of the participants.


Power Users that are interested to join can simply like ASUS Philippines in Facebook via and register via the ASUS Power Users Club tab. There they must convince ASUS in answering the question “Give us the reason why you are the ULTIMATE ASUS Power User”. Also participants must have a passport that is at least 6 months valid before June 2012.


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